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12 February 2020Piero della Francesca
08 January 2020The Architecture of the British Raj
13 November 2019Buildings of Delight
09 October 2019Love and Sentiment in Victorian Jewellery
11 September 2019William Hogarth
12 June 2019English Furniture in the 18th Century
08 May 2019Picture Postcards 1909 to 1939
10 April 2019Austen`s Arcadia
13 March 2019Icons of the Eastern Church
13 February 2019Face Games
09 January 2019As Good As Gold
14 November 2018Christmas Customs And Traditions
10 October 2018Collecting The Grand Tour

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Piero della Francesca Hugh Hollinghurst Wednesday 12 February 2020

Himself a member of our society, as well as secratary of St. Michael`s Parochial Church Council, Hugh Hollinghurst will be well known to most if not all of his audience. A Cambridge Clsasics graduate, Hugh was Deputy Head of Chesterfield High School for seventeen years until 1998, and even in `retirement` he continued to teach Classics there and at both the Merchant Taylors` senior schools. He has published eleven books, mostly on local history, as befits the chairman of the Crosby and District Historical Society. 

Hugh is something of a Renaissance man, with areas of expertise ranging from the ancient world to the Liverpool Overhead Railway. It is therefore appropriate that his lecture is on one of the Renaissance`s finest artists, Piero della Francesca. As well as painting, Piero also wrote technical works on mathematics and geometry, which perhaps explains the perfection of form and perspective that characterises his art.